Coco-Cola sail through to playoffs

cocaGillian Johnston’s side secure their third consecutive win in Ylvisaker Cup

Coca-Cola has secured their third consecutive win in this year’s Ylvisaker Cup at International Polo Club. A 13-7 win against Gateway Merchant for Gillian Johnston’s Coco-Cola team (Gillian Johnston, Sugar Erskine, Julio Arellano and Mason Wroe), defeated Gateway Merchant 13 goals to 7 in yesterday’s action.
Gateway Merchant received one goal by handicap from the 20-goal Coca-Cola team, with Matias Magrini opening the scoring on the field to give Scott Swerdlin’s side an early two-goal lead. Sugar Erskine was quick to answer back, bringing the score to 2-1 in favour of Gateway Merchant at the end of the first chukka. Even play continued throughout the second and third chukkas, producing an even 5-5 score at half time.
The fourth chukka however, turned out to be a completely different story, Coca-Cola seemed to return with a new found fire. Initiated by Erskine, the red-shirted side went on to score five goals in succession, forcing Gateway Merchant into a 10-5 disadvantage.
The fifth chukkas was, once again, a very even chukka with just one goal, courtesy of Coca-Cola’s Julio Arellano, being added to the board, and strong defensive play from Coca-Cola prohibiting Gateway Merchant from any potential threat.
With Coca-Cola riding onto the field for the sixth and final chukka, with a 11-5 lead, it was evident that close to a miracle would have to happen for Gateway Merchant to finish on top. Two goals from Marianito Obregon added to Gateway Merchant’s total tally, but Erskine and Wroe ensured victory for Coca-Cola, each adding a further goal, making the final score 13-7 in Coca-Cola’s favour.
The win cemented Coca-Cola with a position in the playoffs while after suffering their third loss of the tournament Gateway Merchant was eliminated.

Play in The Ylvisaker Cup continues today as below:
10am: FlexJet vs. Orchard Hill
2pm: Casablanca vs. Lucchese
3pm: Enigma vs. Valiente
4pm: CT Energia vs. Palm Beach Illustrated

Photograph: The unbeaten Coca-Cola team in action.