El Remanso edge Talandracas; King Power Foxes prey on Salkeld

crownEl Remanso – 15
George Hanbury (3), Charlie Hanbury (4),
Ollie Cudmore (5), David Stirling (10)

Talandracas – 14
Edouard Carmignac (0), Zac Hagedoorn (4),
Polito Pieres (9), Guillermo Caset (9)

As the two Pieres brothers celebrated their final league match win, on the opposite lawn, cousin Polito lined up with team Talandracas (Eduardo Carmignac, Sapo Caset and Ali Paterson) to face the Hanbury brothers, Pelon Stirling and Ollie Cudmore– team El Remanso (who were yet to lose a game). It was to be a tight, ever equalising match, with scores drawn at 2 all in chukka two, rising to 3 all in the third, with Talandracas then finding the fourth. By this point, it seemed the teams just wanted to stay at the far end to play, as goal after goal went through the posts at the Midhurst end, rapidly changing from 5 all to El Remanso – 5 vs. 6 – Talandracas, then 6 all rose to 6 vs. 7, finally reaching the half time bell at 7 all.

With green, pink and orange hats riding in a row chasing after the ball, Talandracas stretched their lead riding into the final chukka with twelve goals to El Remanso’s ten. Theirs looked like a lead that was to continue as they reached fourteen goals, with El Remanso yet to score it was beginning to look like El Remanso might not get their fourth league match win. As the minutes counted down to the final bell, however, it was suddenly only El Remanso who seemed able to find the goal, with Pelon levelling the match at 14 all and murmurings amongst the crowd of a seventh chukka. With dissatisfaction being demonstrated to the umpires by Sapo Caset, a yellow card was issued and a penalty in favour of El Remanso, which was dutifully converted by Pelon Stirling, putting El Remanso in the lead 15 vs. 14 – Talandracas as the final bell sounded – meaning they too joined Dubai, Apes Hill and King Power Foxes with a fourth win. –Victoria Elsbury-Legg

King Power Foxes – 13
Top Srivaddhanaprabha (1), Hugo Lewis (1),
Gonzalito Pieres (10), Facundo Pieres (10)

Salkeld – 7
Nick Clarke (1), Juan Zavaleta (7),
Joaquin Pittaluga (7), Luke Tomlinson (7)

It was a field filled with bright blue and yellow shirted players which greeted the spectators at Lawns 2 for the penultimate day of the 2015 Jaeger-LeCoultre Gold Cup league matches at Cowdray, with young English professional Hugo Lewis riding onto the pitch on Gonzalito Pieres grey – Tiger Lily for the first chukka, which ended equalised at 1 all. With the opening goal being put through by Salkeld, it was not until chukka two that King Power Foxes took the lead with a great under the neck shot from Facundo Pieres, followed by a further field goal taking them into chukka three at King Power Foxes – 3 vs. 1 – Salkeld.

A goal from Luke Tomlinson was the first on the board in chukka three, but despite another fantastic high shot at goal from him later on in the chukka, Facundo Pieres on Galáctica stopped it in mid-air. With Salkeld unable to find any further goals, both teams headed into half time with King Power Foxes still in the lead by five goals to Salkeld’s two.

It didn’t seem to be Salkeld’s day, as King Power Foxes continued to find all the goals, but a great field goal from Salkeld patron Nick Clarke gave his side their fourth goal, to King Power Foxes nine, which rapidly turned to ten as a penalty went in their favour. With Facundo Pieres displaying the skill that puts 10 goals after his name, with a lofted back hand going through from a position where it was barely possible for him to have seen the goal, despite goals from Salkeld, they could not stop King Power Foxes from joining Dubai and Apes Hill with four straight league match wins at King Power Foxes – 13 vs. 7 – Salkeld. –Victoria Elsbury-Legg

INFO.: cowdraypolo.co.uk