El Remanso remain unbeaten; defeat La Indiana in day six of the 2015 British Open

elEl Remanso – 12
George Hanbury (3), Charlie Hanbury (4),
Ollie Cudmore (5), David Stirling (10)

La Indiana – 7
Michael Bickford (1), James Beim (7),
John Paul Clarkin (8), James Harper (6)

Sunshine shone over Manor Farm 1 for the only match of day six of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Gold Cup, with El Remanso (George Hanbury, Charlie Hanbury, David Stirling and Ollie Cudmore) playing La Indiana (Michael Bickford, James Beim, John Paul Clarkin and James Harper).

This was a match El Remanso were keen to win so they could join the other teams with two unbeaten games – King Power Foxes, Dubai, Apes Hill and UAE. It was equally as important for Michael Bickford’s La Indiana, who only narrowly missed out on a win in their first game last Thursday against King Power Foxes, after a golden goal in an extra chukka from Gonzalito Pieres.

By the end of chukka two however, El Remanso were beginning to creep ahead with their lead at 5-2, which rapidly crept up to 8 vs. 3, then in chukka four 10 vs. 3. In chukka five, El Remanso managed to add a goal, but were still four goals to El Remanso’s eleven heading into the final chukka. It seemed the sixth was to be all La Indiana’s, as they scored three goals in quick succession. Despite the goals however, it was quite simply not to be their match – with a final scoreboard reading El Remanso – 12 vs. 7 – La Indiana, meaning the white shirted La Indiana side now join VPS Healthcare Sifani, Thai Polo, HB Polo and Talandracas, with two games lost in the league stage. –Victoria Elsbury-Legg

INFO.: cowdraypolo.co.uk

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