England win first Copa de Las Naciones game

england2Final will be England vs. Argentina this Saturday

England won their first game of The Copa de Las Naciones tournament in Palermo yesterday against the Rest of The World with a final score of 9-8. They dominated in the first four chukkas in which the team had achieved a staggering 6 -1 lead by half-time. Led by Nico Pieres and Nachi Du Plessis, Rest of The World made an attempt at a comeback catching up by the final chukka, but it wasn’t to be.

The Rest of The World also suffered defeat against Argentina last Saturday and now sit in third place. England will take on Argentina on Saturday, which will in effect be the Final. Unfortunately the England Junior Colts were beaten 15 -3 by the Rest of the World in their mirroring game. They are due to play Argentina today – good luck from everyone at Polo Times!

England: Ollie Cudmore (5), Max Charlton (7), Mark Tomlinson (6) & Luke Tomlinson (7)

Rest of the World: Andrés Samper (3), David Du Plessis (6), Nico Pieres (9) & Nachi Du Plessis (8)

Junior Colts

Rest of the World: Joaquín Avendaño, Nicolás Escobar, Tomás Schwencke & Clemente Silva

England Junior Colts: Charlie Townsend, Luke Wiles, Marcus Cork & Milly Hine

Photograph: Max Charlton & his teammates win their first game