Escue USA wins against Team Zambia

Zambia…..a country in Africa where the people seem so content and happy. Team Escue was invited by Lilayi Polo Club for the Annette Miller Memorial Cup to play against the local Zambian team in an eight goal tournament that lasted for three days. The founders of the club, the Miller Men, all five of them minus one were extraordinary hosts for Team Escue that comprised of Sohail Quraeshi and his two sons, Shahmir and Ayaan and the fourth player , Segundo Ortiz. They were a 4 goal team and managed to play hard against the 7 goal Zambians.

The first of the matches was played on Friday the 8th of May and subsequently there were two more matches held on the 9th and the 10th of May. Team Escue managed to beat the first Zambian team on Friday, losing the second on Saturday and finally , playing for a win on Sunday.

The weather for the final Sunday game could not have been better with beautiful clear skies and perfect temperature. After a Superb skydiving show with two members of the Club, one carrying the Zambian flag and the other, an American flag landing on the polo field, it was time for the national anthems. The game was underway and after a tough 5 chukkers, the US Escue team managed to barely beat the Zambians by half a goal. Ayaan Quraeshi, unfortunately dislocated his shoulder a day prior and was out of commission and was replaced by Rajen Rancchod, a local Zambian. Rajen played his heart out and managed to make the US team win , much against his own desire.

Rajen Rancchod, the main organizer of this entire tournament was the man of the event. He managed to organize this whole affair with such flair and finesse that not once did the visiting team feel that they needed anything. From the finest horses, which the playing members provided to the hospitality and the lavish meals, every detail was taken care off. Pam, the person in charge of the horses did an outstanding job making sure that the US team were not only well mounted but their needs were minutely taken care of.

The entire Escue team comprising of Sohail Quraeshi, Shahmir Quraeshi , Ayaan Quraeshi and Segundo Ortiz are extremely thankful to Lilayi Polo Club, it’s founders, members, audience, grooms, organizers and especially Rajen Ranchhod for such a spectacular production in hosting their team. A special mention and thanks to Chris for providing the best playing pony Cosmos to the Patron Sohail.

Zambia….a country where, the people, the culture and the hospitality are the best. You will always be welcome by Escue in the USA