Fight for Diplomats’ Cup

diplomats-cup-2015-singapore-polo-clubFrom 3rd to 8th March the Diplomats’ Cup was held at the Singapore Polo Club for the third time. Five teams attended the tournament, representing the regions of the world: Africa, Asia, Europe, America and Oceania. In the final the teams Asia and Africa met. Sattar Khan (+4), Satinder Garcha (+2), Creighton Yeo (-2) as well as Lawrence Khong and Keith Yeo (0), sharing one position, won against team Africa by 13-6,5. Goal scorer of the match was Satinder Garcha, scoring eight out of 13 goals for his team.

The other teams took part in a penalty shootout so as to define the remaining places. Europe, including Alex de Lisle (+3), Sanaullah Khan (+2), Giles Twiss (0) and Valerie Boffy (-2), was placed third.

Sattar Khan of the winning team received the award as Most Valuable Player. Ichita, belonging to his teammate Satinder Garcha, was named Best Playing Piny.

The Diplomats’ Cup is the first tournament in the “Triple Crown Series” organized in the first half of the season at the Singapore Polo Club. The Triple Crown Series further consists of the International ProAm (4 to 6 goals) from 14th to 19th April and the Singapore Open (8 to 10 goals) from 19th to 24th May 2015, which has grown into the most important tournament of the season.

1st Asia (+4)
Sattar Khan (+4)
Satinder Garcha (+2)
Lawrence Khong/Keith Yeo (0)
Creighton Yeo (-2)

2nd Africa (+3)
Dirk Van Reenen (+4)
Isabelle Larenaudie (0)
Olivier Duguet/April McKenna (0)
Greg Parkhurst/Paul Hodes (-1)

3rd Europe (+3)
Alex de Lisle (+3)
Sanaullah Khan (+2)
Giles Twiss (0)
Valerie Boffy (-2)

4th Oceania (+4)
Patrick Furlong (+2)
Jonathan Gabler (+1)
Ang Roon Kai (+1)
Lynly Fong (0)

5th Americas (+4)
Waqas Khan (+4)
Ameer Jumabhoy (+1)
Vinod Kumar (0)
Ali Jumabhoy/Melissa Ko (-1)

Fight for Diplomats’ Cup