firstroundcontinues-92-2015-6-241GBy Alejandra Ocampo

The Jaeger-LeCoultre Gold Cup for the British Open had a very busy Wednesday with three games. The day featured the debut of title holders, Dubai, as well as Adolfo Cambiaso’s comeback to the lineup, after a forced absence due to an injury.

Apes Hill 11 vs. Talandracas 10

Apes Hill, who captured the Bledisloe Warwickshire Cup last weekend, and with Tom Morley back on the saddle, had a very interesting debut at the Gold Cup with a 11-10 win over the always powerful Talandracas.
Displaying a solid work both on defense and attack, Apes Hill took an impressive 5-0 advantage in the second chukker. However, and despite Apes Hill remained on the lead, Talandracas closed the gap slowy, and by half time, they but the margin to three goals – 4-7.
Talandracas had a strong fourth chukka; following a goal by Tom Morley for Apes Hill, Edouard Carmignac and Co. took off, and scored three consecutive goals, courtesy of Ali Patterson and Sapo Caset, and cut Apes Hill’s lead to a single goal (7-8)
Two very hard fought chukkas followed; Apes Hill still on the lead but Talandracas displaying their offense. It was Edouard Carmignac who leveled the scores at 10-all in the last minutes of play. Everybody were expecting and extra chukka, but following a penalty from the spot awarded to Apes Hill, Eduardo Novillo Astrada jr. picked the ball, slipped from Ali Patterson’s pressure, and ran to the goalposts to score the winning goal in the last second in regulation time.

Dubai 17 vs. HB 9

With Adolfo Cambiaso back on the saddle in his best form, following an injury during the last matches of the Queen’s Cup, title holders, Dubai, scored a 17-9 debut win against HB Polo.
Dubai controlled the match and the scoreboard, thoroghout the six chukkas of play, and made things very difficult for the very talented HB Polo foursome, who never had a chance to close the gap against such a tough rival.

King Power 10 vs. Thai Polo 6

Thai foursomes, King Power and Thai Polo met up to play the last match, that saw King Power emerging with a 10-6 win. Thai Polo’s Harald Link, who was injured while playing the Subsidiary final of the Blesdisloe Warwickshire Cup last weekend, was replaced by Gustav Rausing. Harald will be back in his team’s next match.
Despite Thai Polo’s efforts to close the gap, King Power managed to dominate the action and remain in the lead.
The match had some trouble in the fifth chukka, when King Power’s Temmy Willington suffered a fall that caused him a broken collarbone. He was replaced by Fran Elizalde, and despite the change, King Power kept pusing ans scoring, extending their advantage until they took the win home.

The Jaeger-LeCoultre Gold Cup for the British Open will continue on Wednesday June 25, with the following schedule:

12pm: El Remanso vs. Sifani (Manor Farm)
3pm: King Power Foxes vs. La Indiana (L1)

King Power vs. Thai Polo

Wednesday, June 24