Is future of Pakistan polo bright?

pakLAHORE – The Pakistan Polo Association (PPA) and particularly Lahore Polo Club (LPC) have been endeavoring for the promotion of polo in the country.
The nursery in the Lahore Polo Club has become a production house of quality polo players who displaying their prowess not only in local and national events but also at international level.
The youngsters have passion, aggression and sky high aims of becoming top polo players and want to earn good name for the country.
The recent example of these zealous youngsters’ brilliant achievement is their tremendous 9-3 triumph over Thailand junior team in Thailand which impressed famous American coach Rege Ludwig based in Thailand who highly lauded improving standard of polo and young players in Pakistan and appreciated the efforts of their two coaches Agha Murtaza Ali and Shah Qubilai Alam for making a solid foundation for future of Pakistan polo.
It is worthy to mention here that the step of Pakistan Polo Association (PPA), the Sports Board Punjab (SBP) youth programme and Ittehad Textiles to send the junior team to Thailand was proved right by juniors who in return gained international exposure and confidence to play against better ranked teams.
It is also pertinent to mention here that some players from the same lot had represented the various teams in the Pakistan polo peak season at Lahore Polo Club and their game and skills were widely praised by the international polo players who termed them future of Pakistan.
With such sincere efforts from PPA, LPC, sponsors and especially dedicated coaches, it seems future of Pakistan polo is bright.