Ghantoot winner of the day

ghantootwinneroftheday-22-2015-1-241GBy Gonzalo Etcheverry

Ghantoot Polo defeated Habtoor by 8 goals to 7 in the only match held today for the McLaren Cup at the Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club.

A very tight match faced Ghantoot with Habtoor. During the five chukkas, both teams battled for the victory that finally achieved Ghantoot by a one goal difference.

In such a close game the difference was that Ghantoot took advantage of the chances they had to score.

The game started better for Habtoor Polo that managed to score 3 consecutive goals in the first chukka for a 3-1 lead.

But a quick response from Ghantoot even the actions in the three following chukkas.

In the last seven minutes, with a continuous come and go Alejandro Muzzio scored the definitive goal for Ghantoot´s victory by 8 goals to 7.

Match Progression:
Ghantoot Polo: 1-3/ 4-3/ 4-5/ 6-6/ 8-7

The McLaren Cup 2015 will continue tomorrow with a double action day at the Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club. From 12 pm, Mahra will face Edrees followed by Desert Palm 2 and Abu Dhabi at 3 pm.

Alejandro Muzzio (Ghantoot):
It was a very tough game, but I guess all the games will be like this, because teams are very balanced and these fields don’t help that much. Chances will probably go to those who can convert more penalties.
We settled on our same game play today, but we did realise that it didn’t work at first, so we had to change it and fortuantely everything worked OK. We worked on a B plan during the week, and it paid of.
We had some pressure, for sure, Habtoor won both tournaments in the past, so we have to win something, otherwise, they would kill us!!! (laughs)

Ghantoot vs. Habtoor


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