High-Goal Opening Day at Santa Barbara Polo Club

highThe stands were filled on a beautiful day at Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club for the Belmond El Encanto Polo Classic Final.

Nico Escobar A
Tete Grahn 3
Nacho Badiola 6
Jeff Hall 7

Felipe Vercellino 4
Ryan Gilbertson A
Joseph Stuart 4
Paco de Narvaez 8

After the ceremonial throw-in, Gilbertson was off to the races scoring the first goal of the game for the Wildcat team. Hall, the high scorer of the match, answered back for Lucchese adding their first tally to the board. Gilbertson and Hall each added another goal to finish the first chukker of play 2-2.

Scoring continued to bounce back and forth in the second chukker with both teams adding two goals to the tally. The second chukker ended with both teams tied 4-4.

Lucchese gained the offensive advantage in the third chukker. A goal by Escobar and two by Hall pulled Lucchese ahead by three goals to end the first half of play 7-4.

Grahn, Badiola and Hall each added a goal in the fourth chukker to push the Lucchese team further ahead of Wildcat 10-4.

Wildcat came back in the fifth chukker ready to overcome the Lucchese squad adding three goals to their tally, two on penalty conversions and a goal from the field by de Narvaez. However, Lucchese was able to maintain their lead, scoring two more goals in the fifth chukker. The bell sounded to end the chukker 12-7 in favor of Lucchese.

Stuart started off the sixth chukker with a goal from the field, followed quickly by another point by de Narvaez bringing Wildcat to within three goals of Lucchese. Vercellino added two more points, closing the gap to only one goal.

Lucchese was determined to not let their win slip away. Hall scored two goals in the final minutes of play to push Lucchese up 14-11.

Jeff Hall was awarded MVP and “Manchi” played by Nacho Badiola was awarded Best Playing Pony.

8 Goal Dean Mullins Cup Final
Saturday, July 18th
12:00 PM
Field 1

Kids Tournaments

Miguel Torres Memorial World Gym Tournament – July 18th
leadline, walk/trot, hand canter, – all 2 chukkers
NYTS – 4 chukkers
(NYTS will be held on July 17th and 18th depending on number of teams)
Registration deadline TODAY!

Linfoot Memorial – July 25th
leadline, walk/trot, hand canter, rock and roll – all 2 chukkers
Registration deadline July 22

High-Goal Opening Day at Santa Barbara Polo Club