The Jaeger-LeCoultre Gold Cup for the 2015 British Open Championships at Cowdray Park Polo Club – Day 17

jaBy Victoria Elsbury-Legg

3:00PM La Indiana 9 v 12 Thai Polo – Jack Gannon – Ambersham 2

A slightly altered La Indiana team took to the pitch on Monday to play for the Jack Gannon Trophy, with Chris Bruckner and Ruki Bailleau joining England captain James Beim alongside James Harper, to face Harald Link’s Thai Polo side – Matias Torres Zavaleta, Nic Roldan and Tomas Garcia Del Rio.

By half time it was Thai Polo who seemed to be finding all the goals, leading by 8 v 3 La Indiana. In chukka five La Indiana narrowed the gap to just two goals at 9 v 7, but it seemed destined to be Thai Polo’s day, as they ended the match with a 12 v 9 win.

Upcoming Matches:

Tuesday 14th July
3:00PM King Power- v -VPS Healthcare Sifani Ashton Silver Cup – Ambersham 1

Wednesday 15th July – Semi Finals
12:00PM UAE v Apes Hill – Ellerston Cup Semi Final
4:00PM Dubai v Zacara – Tramontana Cup Semi Final