Now, a polo helmet with built-in crash sensor

London: A British student has designed a safer polo helmet with a built-in crash sensor that could help save lives by alerting emergency responders to impacts and falls that may cause head injuries.

The helmet could be particularly useful during falls that occur while training alone.

“Even though the rate of injury in polo is low, the severity rate is extremely high,” said Robin Spicer, a final year student of industrial design and technology at the Loughborough University.

Spicer plans to link the protective headgear called “theARMIS Polo Helmet” to a smartphone app via long-range bluetooth.

“With my polo helmet design, I hope to change attitudes and behaviour towards safety in the sport and encourage polo players to seek proper medical attention when suffering a dangerous head impact,” Spicer said.

The prototype was created using a 3D printer.

Robin, a polo player since the age of six, said the helmet has been designed, incorporating safety clips, streamlined air vents and a double-layered carbon fibre shell.