poloincordoba-49-2015-1-191GEstancia El Tala, Cordoba, will hold the fourth edition of the 8-goal Sampacho Cup, from 23 – 25 January. The tournament, organized by polo manager Juan Manuel Gonzalez, forms part of the official AAP calendar of county tournaments; this is the first of two that are played at El Tala – the second will take place in March.

Six teams, divided into two zones, will play a round robin of 5-chukker games. The participating teams are: Hacienda del Plata, Pulenta Estate/Porsche, Cuarto Dominio, Stoller, Lurton and Los Chulengos.

Estancia El Tala is located in the center of the Argentine pampa: Sampacho, Rio Cuarto, Córdoba. Once an old stud farm of thoroughbred race horses, Estancia El Tala has been transformed into a polo club. The ranch has a field approved by the Argentina Polo Association, as well as enough stables and ponylines to accommodate a large number of horses and grooms. El Tala also offers polo practices or polo clinics for people who want to get into the sport. The period 3-bedroom guest house is warm and comfortable, and surrounded by trees.