Polo Gold Cup 2015: matches, dates and schedules

goldThe Gold Cup will see 39 matches played over the next month at Cowdray Park.

Returning to defend the title of British Open Champions is Ali Albwardy’s Dubai team, featuring the world’s leading player, Adolfo Cambiaso. Last year saw Dubai claim a fourth victory in the world’s most important tournament at 22 goal level.

An impressive debut was made in the 2014 tournament by the King Power team of Aiyawatt ‘Top’ Srivaddhanaprabha, who reached the final in his first ever entry of the Gold Cup. His side returns in 2015 as King Power Foxes with Gonzalito and Facundo Pieres, and a second team, King Power, has been entered by Top’s brother Apichet ‘Tal’ Srivaddhanaprabha.
Winners in 2011 and 2013, Lyndon Lea’s Zacara team also makes a welcome return. El Remanso is another team which has featured strongly in the tournament in recent years, reaching the Final in 2012.
Gold Cup schedule
23 Jun Tue 3:00 PM UAE vs RH Polo
23 Jun Tue 5:00 PM Zacara vs Salkeld
24 Jun Wed 11:00 AM Apes Hill vs Talandracas
24 Jun Wed 1:00 PM HB Polo vs Dubai
24 Jun Wed 3:00 PM Thai Polo vs King Power
25 Jun Thu 12:00 PM El Remanso vs VPS Healthcare Sifani
25 Jun Thu 3:00 PM King Power Foxes vs La Indiana
27 Jun Sat 1:00 PM UAE vs HB Polo
27 Jun Sat 3:00 PM Apes Hill vs Salkeld
28 Jun Sun 11:00 AM King Power Foxes vs VPS Healthcare Sifani
28 Jun Sun 3:00 PM Zacara vs Talandracas
28 Jun Sun 5:00 PM Thai Polo vs Dubai
29 Jun Mon 2:00 PM El Remanso vs La Indiana
1 Jul Wed 12:00 PM RH Polo vs HB Polo
1 Jul Wed 2:00 PM King Power vs Dubai
2 Jul Thu 12:00 PM Zacara vs VPS Healthcare Sifani
2 Jul Thu 2:00 PM El Remanso vs Salkeld

3 Jul Fri 11:00 AM Apes Hill vs La Indiana
3 Jul Fri 1:00 PM King Power Foxes vs Talandracas
4 Jul Sat 3:00 PM King Power vs UAE
5 Jul Sun 1:00 PM RH Polo vs Dubai
5 Jul Sun 3:00 PM Thai Polo vs HB Polo
6 Jul Mon 2:00 PM Apes Hill vs VPS Healthcare Sifani
7 Jul Tue Zacara vs La Indiana
7 Jul Tue El Remanso vs Talandracas
7 Jul Tue King Power Foxes vs Salkeld
8 Jul Wed King Power vs RH Polo
8 Jul Wed Thai Polo vs UAE
11/12 July Gold Cup quarter-finals
14 July Minor placings
15 Jul 12pm Jaeger-LeCoultre Gold Cup semi-finals
19 Jul Sun 3:00 PM Final of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Gold Cup