Polo is incredibly lucky to have Argentina's Adolfo Cambiaso, says FIP president

adolfo_3156750bWhy Cambiaso has better skill set than Federer and McIlroy

I believe we should count ourselves as being incredibly lucky to be living in the era of Adolfo Cambiaso.
We all talk about Juan Carlos Harriott as the best polo player ever, but I think that we will look back on Adolfo and realise just how lucky we were to see him play
His talent is unbelievable; though at times it may not always make the match good for the spectators.
I remember watching one of our top players once, Alan Kent, the former 8 goal England International polo player. He was going down the field beside him on the opposing team at Guards as Cambiaso was going at flat out gallop, tapping the ball at the end of his stick

At the end, he dropped it and hit it through the posts.
I asked Alan why he didn’t hook Adolfo’s stick. “I thought about that afterwards,” he said.
“I was so fascinated with the skill and the talent that I didn’t even think about.”
Cambiaso was once asked what his biggest advantage was when he went on the field. ‘My name on the back of my shirt,’ he responded.
He wasn’t being flash, he’s actually a withdrawn person, but it just summed up where he stands in the game.

He once told me that when he was growing up [Cambiaso was a 10 goaler by the time he was 17], that none of the kids wanted to play with him because he was too good, while none of the adults did either as he was too young.
He ended up just practising and doing his own thing.
One of these days I believe we will reflect that he was the best player the polo world has ever seen. He still has a few years left in him and he’s a rare talent.
Interview by Rod Gilmour