Polo news from the Philippines

Appointment of Guards Ambassadors, 24/04/2014By Victoria Elsbury-Legg

With the English summer polo season getting ever closer, Guards Ambassador Max Charlton has been making the headlines in the Philippines as part of Los Tamaraos the winning team in the Globalport Philippine Open played at the Manila Polo Club. The tournament which was organised by Mikee Romero was played between six teams, featuring international players – Globalport (Mikee Romero, Adrian Garcia, Santi Lujan and Mariano Obregon), Ayala/San Miguel (Inigo Zobel, Gregorio Gelosi, Alfonso Aranteta and Guillermo Cavanagh), Tang Polo (Shilai Liu, Nan Liu, Miguel Diaz and Benjamin Urquiza), King Power (Tal Srivaddhanaprabha, Santi Galland, Lucas Lujan and Antonino Menard), Polo Escape (Robin Lourvanu, Miguel Ayala, Gundon Webster and Eduardo Venturino) and Los Tamaraos (Cole Aguirre, Gus Aguirre, Max Charlton and Ignacio Ithurburu).

The two teams who made it through to the final played on Sunday 8th March 2015 were Los Tamaraos and Tang Polo. It was an exciting game which saw Los Tamaraos come back to win the match after being 1-3 down to Tang Polo in chukka one. At the final bell, which was preceded by a tense moment of successful penalty taking by Charlton with twenty seconds left on the clock, the scoreboard read Los Tamaraos 8 v 7 Tang Polo, with English Pro Max Charlton having scored five of the winning goals for his team.