santaFirst of all it is raining first time in 5 years we have had 5 inches since Halloween I know one afternoon in Houston but it is big here, we have several new board members we have a new president and we have noto change some Polo but it should be good polo and maybe we get to see some more Americans on the field . All these changes may be the bolt of juice we need as the drought has been much like Polo it has dried up here , 4 teams for everything just do not cut it for Patrons playing this game they love it or they would not do it but it is not fun playing same team 20 times over a Summer I am sure . The changes may make a difference and I am sure it will. New President John Muse cannot be bad, new blood and not hometown maybe a brand new innovator and no down side I can see just Up. Board Members : They make it work and Leigh Brecheen and Dawn Jones are already doing that, and that is a huge move they like and play Polo.

Future : Hope is a full group for 12 goal and a big move is making the High goal and the thought is more teams and build back to the 20 sounds great but it is Ca. and cheap is king may never happen . If we have 8 teams in the high goal we cannot go wrong

Phil Heatley will control Polo and all of the direction this will be fantastic as it moves a very stagnant front office out of the way and this is a huge + .

The fact is California Polo is going where it has never been to the top of the Ladder in the Last year Polo people from here in Ca. have done it all !

Julian Mannix won the US OPEN in Palm Beach

Bob Jornayvaz won everything else + the triple crown in Spain

Ben Solemani Won the Gold Cup in Argentina first American to do that

Fred Mannix jr became the highest rated North American in Argentina

the Ca people are out there and we are on the verge of exploding with so many places and fields add the Weather and environment it has to be the place to be and it is . Indio and the Desert is incredible Fields , Cost and weather makes it the place to be in the Winter and the Gold Coast with San Diego, Santa Barbara , Will Rogers Petaluma, Temecula, Santa Rosa and Menlo and I am sure a few others there is no place like it .

Santa Barbara is going to be the High Goal Capital and they now have a sweet spot new everything starting with Attitude,Environment , Polo and a whole new set up fun from Sun to Sun just be here to enjoy it the weather well it will not rain so no polo cancelled 2 tournament games a week and always where you can work and get to games and a surrounding surplus of excellent fields from ERG,Zacara,Grants Farm West, Piocho Ranch ,Windsor Capital and Sevellano . This will be the place to be when the Thermometer reads 90 + all other places in Continental USA . Like they say you have to see it to believe it and you can just be here.

see ya