Semi Finalists decided in The Jaeger-LeCoultre Gold Cup

semiUAE, Apes Hill, Zacara and King Power Foxes all qualify
The Semi Finalists for The Jaeger-LeCoultre Gold Cup have been decided following the completion of the Quarter Finals. On Saturday, UAE defeated Salkeld in the first match of the day with a final score of 17-12. Salkeld won their place in the Quarter Final after winning the penalty shootout on Thursday 9 July against King Power and HB Polo. King Power Foxes just scraped through by one goal to win against RH Polo with a score of 12-11, to secure their place in Semi Finals on Wednesday 15 July. On Sunday, Dubai broke their form with a loss against Zacara and a final score of 12-10. Dubai, up until now, have won all four of their games whilst Zacara had won against Talandracas, VPS Healthcare Sifani, and La Indiana but lost their first game of the tournament against Salkeld. Apes Hill Club, to the joy of Sir Charles ‘Cow’ Williams, have also taken a place in the Semi Finals after a win against El Remanso. Ralph Richardson scored the winning goal after stealing the ball away from 10 goaler David ‘Pelon’ Stirling.

In the Semi Finals on Wednesday, UAE will play Apes Hill Club at 12pm followed by King Power Foxes against Zacara at 4pm. This afternoon La Indiana will play Thai Polo for the Jack Gannon Subsidiary Final and tomorrow, Tuesday 14 July, King Power will play VPS Healthcare Sifani for the Ashton Silver Cup. Click here to see the full schedule and results to date.

Total goals for each team, up to and including the Quarter Finals:

68 – Zacara

68 – King Power Foxes

65 – UAE

64 – Dubai

61 – El Remanso

50 – Salkeld

49 – Apes Hill Club

47 – RH Polo

Photograph: Ralph Richardson about to score the winning goal for Apes Hill Club. By Clive Bennett/