Stomp Divots in Starlettos

stilThe world’s biggest trendsetting accessory for your fashion style needs, Starlettos heel protectors, is now available for purchase in the US market to consumers by popular demand. The famous Australian company launches in select retail stores and online. The fashion forward accessory company has been protecting the heels of A-list celebs and can finally be attained by every woman and every girl.

What are they? They are tiny, discreet heel protectors that are almost invisible when worn on grass. Slip Starlettos onto a pair of your stiletto shoes or boots and wear them anywhere. The cute and clever reusable shoe accessory is designed to protect your heels from sinking at garden parties, outdoor weddings, races, graduations, barbecues, polo matches, wine tastings, pounding the pavement. The carefully designed florets are aesthetically pleasing, extremely durable and one size fits all. Crystal clear or colored offerings give you the choice and are perfect for wearing with all colors of shoes.

Starlettos is easy to clean and store, simply slide them off the heels, rinse under cold water to remove grass or dirt and store in their little silk sachet inside a clutch or handbag.


Starlettos are the creation of Sydney-based shoe-lover, Ilde Naismith-Beeley, who came up with the idea when she was planning her own wedding a few years ago and faced a major shoe dilemma. “I love shoes, particularly high strappy sandals and stiletto heels. My wedding was the ultimate occasion to really go to town, said Ilde, but with a ceremony and reception that encompassed a bush walk, rock climb, concrete floors and a lawn party, I had no idea how I was going to be able to wear the shoes of my dreams without serious damage to myself, let alone my heels!

“I searched around for something that could allow me to wear any shoes on grass and other uneven surfaces, while still looking glam, but there was nothing out there to help me. My friends said they faced similar problems – and not just at weddings – but at all sorts of outdoor events, especially at the races.” After two years, a huge amount of research, development, to actually obtaining the most perfect formulation design and ensuring the utmost glamour with the hardest wearing material, Starlettos were born!

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From the Oscars and Emmy nominees gift baskets to being the world’s biggest, leading, shoe protector and accessory brand, Starlettos understands the importance of quality, customer service and customer satisfaction. The product has the thumbs up from popular shoe designers and is an absolute favorite amongst the celebrities who own a pair.

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