The World's Coolest Cloning Lab Is At A Polo Club In Argentina

BUENOS AIRES — About an hour east of Buenos Aires, there are eight horses that look exactly the same. They have the same athletic build and quirky fears. And seven of them, the story goes, knew a few polo moves before their trainer ever taught them.

Welcome to La Ensenada, which uses some of the world’s most sophisticated cloning technology to replicate the potentially lucrative DNA of its best horses.

And for good reason: When it comes to polo, says legendary player Adolfo Cambioso, success is 30 percent human and 70 percent horse. Now, star horses such as Cuartetera can have 20 offspring a year instead of two.

This video follows the cloning process from start to finish. It has lots of pretty horses. And it raises the scientific and philosophical question: can knowledge be passed between one clone to another?