Ursula Pari visits Pakistan with San Antonio polo team

ursulaPakistan – I’m part of the San Antonio Polo Team that was invited to play in a historic match at one of the oldest polo clubs in the world.

The Lahore Polo Club in Lahore, Pakistan, is just miles from where the sport was perfected by tribesmen as a form of military training.

We are the guests of the Shah Jewana clan, some of whom live in San Antonio and Houston.

We are the first Americans to venture through some of their region so it’s a learning experience for all of us.

Along the way we are meeting several of Pakistan’s most revered leaders of industry as well as sport, and are finding out this country is full of surprises, warm hospitable people, and misconceptions.

Our travels through the countryside are in advance of a benefit polo match to raise money for a unique micro loan organization called Seed Out that helps poor residents in the Punjab region get on their feet and offers internet expertise as well.

You can learn more at www.seedout.com.