like in Remy Muller two goal player out of Northern Ca. he is in the Joe Barry Finals 20 goal at IPC in Palm Beach Florida that is . Remy and his Orchard Hill team defeated Lucchese today in the semis and head to the big one Sunday . Well done Remy . he is on a roll he also won the PCO last fall in SB with ERG so he knows what it takes and may well fall in to the foot steps of some West Coast lads that did well there in the last few years . Jason MVP of Ylvisaker , Santi Torres last year same and then Julian Mannix beat them all he won the Open and now Remy we maybe in the cellar for big things in USPA but they do know the West does have some talent look at US Polo team for FIP you shall see and if the USPA helps it could be the start of a dynasty in the FIP we may become the Brazil of it . It is never easy to figure out where they will help but we now know they can so WILL THEY? Somebody knows .

Lots of action in polo this weekend Finals in Florida both IPC and Sarasota and a few out West where both clubs bring it on with huge crowds and a fun time in the Sunny no rain Desert and the Ca. movement looks to be getting bigger by the day . Sound like the WEST is the place to BEEEEEEEEE

see ya