The 20-goal Monty Waterbury Cup comes to an exciting conclusion on June 25th with Airstream (Peter Holowesko, Marcos Garcia Del Rio, Tomas Garcia Del Rio and Tommy Biddle) facing off against Postage Stamp Farm (Will Tomita, Brandon Phillips, Joao Ganon and Kris Kampsen) in the final. This week’s private matches saw Airstream defeat Work to Ride and Postage Stamp Farm defeat Cavalleria Toscana. Immediately after the afternoon game, the teams did a shoot out for the 3 way record tie: Postage Stamp Farm took first place, Airstream took 2nd and Work to Ride took 3rd. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to see who will hoist the trophy, win this year’s MVP, and the Best Playing Pony, awarded by Maria Mendelsohn.

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