I am delighted to confirm the Australia team selected for the first match of the XI FIP World Polo Championship 2017 as:

James Lester 3g
George Hill 2g
Jack Archibald © 5g
Jake Daniels 4g
1st Reserves: Alec White 5g, Jack Kiely 3g, Alex Barnet 2g

2nd Reserves: Dan O’Leary 3g, Lachlan Gilmore 2g

The Australian Polo Federation congratulate the team and the reserve players who have all shown their dedication and fine team spirit over the squad practices, we wish the squad the best of luck and look forward to watching the team in action over the coming weeks. We thank the Selection Committee and James Harper (Coach) for their hard work and commitment to the Australia squad, the experience you bring is invaluable.

Our special thanks also goes out to all the horse lenders who have contributed their wonderful horses for this event, international events such as this would not happen without their generous support and we thank them on behalf of the entire Polo Community. The horse procurement team of Anto White, Jim Gilmore & Pat MacGinley have done an exceptional job in securing Australia’s finest horses and again we thank them on behalf of the entire Polo Community.

Australia’s first match is played on Saturday 21st October versus Spain and we encourage you all to get along to the XI FIP World Polo Championship and support our AUSTRALIA team!

Tim Clarke

Chairman, Australian Polo Federation