The 94° AAP General Assembly took place at Palermo on Tuesday, May 30, with the objective of electing the Associations new president. After receiving 70 out of 102 votes, Eduardo Novillo Astrada became the new President.

Rival and runner up Guillermo Álvarez Fourcade decided that Unión del Polo representatives should be elected for all available positions, too.

The new positions are as follows:
For active clubs: Delfín Uranga and José Cavanagh
For incorporated clubs: Carlos Menéndez Behety
For military clubs: José Luis Yofre
Alternates for active clubs: Eduardo Heguy y Sebastián Pistone
Alternate for incorporated clubs: Federico Virasoro
Alternate for military clubs: Carlos Castignani
Alternate trustee: Rafael Cúneo Libarona