The first stage of the 2017 Iberian Polo Tour came to an end in Santa Maria Polo Club. Biarritz Polo Team (Verónica and Laurent Desmas, Rosendo Torreguitar and Patricio Neves) won the SotoEstates Cup; they remained undefeated over the three days of competition.

Four teams between 6 and 8 goals took part in the tournament, which kicked off on Friday at Los Pinos, Santa Maria Polo Club. The last match, played on Sunday at Puente de Hierro, saw Biarritz defeat White Flacons 9 goals to 8.5 to claim the first leg of the Tour.

Runner up: SotoEstates (Jose María Ponce de León, Pedro Beca, Sergio Pérez and Pelayo Berazadi)

MVP: Patricio Neves.
BPP: Disparate, owned by Pedro Beca.

Before the last day, young players took to the field to play the Polo Kids Cup.
Teams: La Liga 4 Sports (Luis Rufino, Pablo Mora, Adrián González and Julián Neves) and Caballo Blanco (Victoria Urite, Fausto Otharán, Tirso Otharán and Naico Desmás).

The second stage of the Iberian Polo Tour kicks off on Friday, December 8, with the Copa Fagliano at Ayala Polo Club.

Copa SotoEstates Fixture & Teams:
Friday 1/12:
SotoEstates 8 vs White Falcons 7.5
Biarritz 4 vs Villadrau 3.5
Saturday 2-12:
Biarritz 7 vs SotoEstates 6.5
White Falcon 9.5 vs Villadrau 8
Sunday 3-12:
Biarritz 9 vs White Falcons 8.5
SotoEstates 7 vs Villadrau 3

BIARRITZ: Verónica Desmas, Laurent Desmas, Rosendo Torreguitar, Patricio Neves.
SOTOESTATES: Juan M. Ponce de León, Pedro Beca, Sergio Pérez, Pelayo Berazadi.
WHITE FALCONS: Katherine Reihmer, Juan Otharán, Mario Gómez, Carlos Piñal.
VILLADRAU: Xavier Cunill, Antonio Ayesa, César Miño, Santiago Torreguitar.