On Saturday, Cowdray Park hosted the finals of the City & Country British Ladies Open Championships, which saw a total of six teams, up to 18 goals, participate. It marked a new leg of the ladies circuit, which started this season in England.

The score was as follows:
Coombe Place 4.5-5 Cowdray Vikings

Cowdray Vikings: Lila Pearson 2, Rebecca Walters 4, Bryony Taylor 5, Sarah Wiseman 7. Total: 18.
Coombe Place: Daisy Hatfield 2, Dayne Waecher 2, Lottie Lamacraft 5, Hazel Jackson 8. Total: 17.
Apes Hill/Huntington House: Camilla Williams 0, Sam Buckles 3, Mia Cambiaso 4, Nina Clarkin 10. Total: 17.
Tamac: Heloise Wilson-Smith 5, Hannah Henderson 4, Isabelle McGregor 4, Christine Thome 4. Total: 17.
Monterosso Polo Team: Siri Evjemo-Nysveen 1, Tamara Fox 7, Emma Wood 5, Emma Boers 5. Total: 18.
Polo Quarterly: Aurora Eastwood 2, Lorna Broughton 3, Freddie Rosso Baldacchino 4, Clare MacNamara 3. Total: 12.

Ladies Spanish Championship at Santa María Polo Club:

La Quinta and Club Marítimo Hotel Sotogrande will play the final on Sunday at Santa María Polo Club.

Saturday saw the following scores:

La Quinta 7-1.5 El Albero
La Quinta 8-3 Noll/Chestertons
Club Marítimo 6-1.5 Noll/ Chestertons
Club Marítimo 8-1,5 a Iridike

Order of play for the finals:
11am: Round Robin entre Noll/Chestertons, Iridike y El Albero
1pm: Final.

Teams for the final:
La Quinta: Katie Mc Kinney 1, Alicia Gariador 3, Clara Cassino 6, Eva Bruhl 6. Total: 16.
Club Marítimo Hotel Sotogrande: Raya Sidorenko 1, Carla Álvarez 4, Lía Salvo 9, Zhana Bandurko 0. Total: 14.