This Tuesday 31/10, at the Alfredo Lalor Headquarters of the Argentine Polo Association in Pilar, the semifinals of the XIII contest for the Pilar Municipal Cup were disputed, which in this opportunity had the presence of 12 teams of between 25 and 28 goals of valorization.

The finalists will be Las Monjitas and La Dolfina Palm Beach Equine Clinic , which beat La Mancha Chapa Uno for 9 to 7 ; and HB Centaurs by 12 to 9, respectively.

Both winners will define the tournament next Friday 3/11 in Pilar, with schedule to be confirmed.

Semifinalist teams:

Las Monjitas (25): Gastón Máiquez 6, Juan Britos (h) 7, Santiago Cernadas 6 and Matías Fernández Llanos 6 (Received a yellow card),

La Mancha Chapa Uno (26): Bautista Ortiz de Urbina 6 (Received a yellow card), Lucas Díaz Alberdi 6 (Received a yellow card), Bautista Heguy 7 and Alejandro Díaz Alberdi 7.
Alejandro Diaz Alberdi

The Dolfina Palm Beach Equine Clinic (26): Pablo Llorente (h) 6, Raúl Colombres (h) 6, Gonzalo Deltour 7 and Joao P. Ganon 7.

HB Centaurs (26): Sebastien Pailloncy 4, Ignacio Heguy 8, Alejandro Muzzio 8 and Miguel del Carril (h) 6.

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Photos: Matias Callejo / AAP