The Monty Waterbury Cup continues at Greenwich Polo Club. On Wednesday, the last matches of the qualifying stage will be played in order to set the final on Sunday.

The last scores were as follows:
Final Score: Work to Ride 13 – Cavalleria Toscana 12

Score Work to Ride: (0-2), 1-3, 3-6, 5-8, 7-9, 11-10, 13-12.
Top Scorers Work to Ride: Mariano Aguerre and Mariano González (5 Goals each).
Top Scorers Cavalleria Toscana: Toro Ruiz (6).

Work To Ride: Joseph Manheim A, Nick Manifold 4, Mariano Aguerre 9, Mariano González 7. Total: 20.
Cavalleria Toscana: Mike Davis A, Toro Ruiz 5, Matias Magrini 8, Lucas Diaz Alberdi 5. Total: 18.

The Monty Waterbury Cup will resume on Wednesday:
10am: Airstream vs Work to Ride, at Field 1.
4:30pm: Postage Stamp Farm vs Cavalleria Toscana, at Field 2.

Airstream 2-0
Work to Ride 1-1
Postage Stamp Farm 1-1
Cavalleria Toscana 0-2

Photo Galleries:
Work to Ride-Cavalleria Toscana
Airstream vs Cavalleria Toscana