Activity resumed in Paris last weekend with the Tournoi de la Ville de Paris, which featured a triple matchday both on Saturday and Sunday. On one hand, it was the first loss for Sainte Mesme in the tournament (against Red Falcon, on Sunday); on the other hand, the first win for debutants Costa Rica (beat the other debutant, Hot Conejos). According to the scores during the weekend, there are 3 teams with serious chances of reaching the final, to be played next Sunday. Sainte Mesme, Red Falcon and La Concepcion have the same points and will define their luck on the last qualifying matchday, next Saturday.

The scores during last weekend in Paris were as follows:
La Concepcion 2-5 Sainte Mesme
Hot Conejos 4-7 Kazak-Outsiders
Costa Rica 2-5 Red Falcon
Sainte Mesme 5-6 Red Falcon
Hot Conejos 7-8 Costa Rica
Kazak-Outsiders 4-5 La Concepcion

The Tournoi de la Ville de Paris will continue next Saturday with the following order of play:
11:45am, at Sainte Mesme: Sainte Mesme vs Kazak-Outsiders
2pm, at Bagatelle: La Concepcion vs Costa Rica
3:15pm, at Bagatelle: Red Falcon vs Hot Conejos