Polo resumed in Paris on Thursday with two matches for the Tournoi de la Ville de Paris (games postponed from Saturday). Kazak-Outsiders and Costa Rica took to the ground first, both looking for their first win of the tournament. It was an even match which was tied during most of the game, until a goal by Patrick Paillol gave Kazak-Outsiders the 6-5 win.

Later on, at Sainte Mesme, Hot Conejos took on the locals. After four chukkas, the Strom family team claimed the 8-5 win.

Tournoi de la Ville de Paris will resume on Saturday:
11am, at Sainte Mesme: La Concepcion vs Sainte Mesme
2pm, at Bagatelle: Hot Conejos vs Kazak-Outsiders
3:15pm, at Bagatelle: Costa Rica vs Red Falcon