The Qualifying Circuits began to be disputed for the final round of the Copa República Argentina 2018, and this Sunday the Circuito Centro Sur (Trenque Lauquen) finished.

Two teams participated, Trenque Lauquen Fedea and Trenque Lauquen Lartirigoyen Puma Energy.

In the first match TL Fedea (Ignacio Arbelbide 2, Tomas James 2, Gonzalo Deltour 7 and Agustin Nero 6) exceeded 17 to 14 to TL Lartirigoyen (Manuel Sundblad 4, Simon Prado 4, Juan Martin Zubia 7, Juan Agustin Garcia Grossi 7) .

On Saturday TL Lartirigoyen defeated TL Fedea 14 to 12, which forced him to play a third game.

This Sunday in the decisive game TL Fedea won by 16 to 11 and achieved the classification to the final stage of the Copa Argentina 2018. Last year the classified in this area was finalist of the Main Tournament.