Mural-2The Harry Kent family again honored his polo tradition “that everyone plays if they show up” – and they did. From all over the Northwest Polo clubs and as well as players from out of state and country brought their horses to finish off the season for the Pacific Northwest Circuit. Nine teams came to play – some with organized teams and others were made up by Gratia Kent Brown and Susan Kent Stovall ending with 3 flights. Play was over the two days of September 25 and 26. The daughters hosted a cocktail party for everyone on Friday night to kick off the festivities as well as fieldside dinner on Saturday. Patrice Kent was the announcer for the event.

All teams played two days of 4 chukker polo. The top flight was won by Le Grande team of Lindsey and Logan Joseph, Ryan Prather and Lucas Reid – the top flight played a round robin with the score being carried forward from the day before. They defeated the family team of Seth, Brandon and Nancy Alcott and Sara Perkins and the Union team of Malia McCoy, Carlos Zamora, Shane Flock/ Claudia Howell and Tony Tornquist.

The Flight II had 2 team which played 8 chukkers of polo over the 2 days with the LaConner team of George Dill, Carlos Zamora, Shane Flock and Jenna Robinson over the Spokane team of Suzy Dix, Seth Alcott, Amelia Gilroy and Trish Robertson. Flight III ended with 4 teams – the finals were The Mural Café team of Curtis Lindahl, grandson of Harry Kent, Scott Robertson, Bryan Lee and Mariah Mudgett over Portland – Brandon Alcott, Katherine Rickert-Boe, who was injured in the first day of play, and replaced by Claudia Howell, Tim Kelley and Claudia Tornquist. The subsidiary was won by La Grande 2 – Melissa Joseph, Steve Joseph, Logan Joseph/Ryan Prather and Paul Cebra over Blake and Bobbie Brush, Virginia Jones and Tina Anderson.

The season for the Pacific Northwest starts in April and goes through September – most players in the Circuit travel from club to club on the weekends with special events over the season at each club. The new Governor for the Circuit is Rob Petersen and will be hosting the Circuit Governor’s Cup at the Hidden Creek Polo Club in Portland, Oregon.


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