The chosen ones by Pololine after a great Triple Crown.

10) Pablo Mac Donough

La Dolfina’s number three shone this season, but perhaps not as much as in other years. Having said that, he had a great year and was a fundamental part of the triple Triple Crown victory. His power in attack is striking, scoring almost every time he shoots to goal.

9) Gonzalo Pieres

The most experienced Ellerstina player had a good Triple Crown; his performance was consistent and he was there when his team needed him most. His efforts helped Ellerstina reach all three finals.

8) Ignacio Toccalino

In his first season with Las Monjitas, the former Magual player stepped up to the challenge. He scored many important goals and was a key player in his team every time he switched on.

7) Alfredo Cappella

One of the players with most projection on a global scale. He was the best player in Washington, a team that attracted high expectations from the moment it was formed. He pushed his team throughout the season, showing a class and calm rare for so young a player. He was raised to 9 goals at the end of the season.

6)Guillermo Caset (h)

Much was expected form the new La Aguada line-up, and from “;Sapo”, after his great performance in 2014. He led his team throughout Palermo and lifted their spirits after their fall against Washington in Hurlingham. He had already reached 10 goals in the US, and now has been crowned with a 10 goal handicap in Argentina.

5)David Stirling

The Uruguayan plays better every year and has become a fundamental part of the La Dolfina line up. He has shown notable growth and maturity since he entered the Cañuelas based team and is now one of the best players in the world. He was crucial in the final of the Hurlingham Open and shone throughout the season as a whole.

4) Hilario Ulloa

Many considered that Hilario should have been raised to 10 goals long ago. He has been playing at that level for the past few seasons at least, and 2015 was his best year yet. Perhaps his performance was highlighted by the level of his team, but he was undoubtably the best when Alegría played well and was very efficient with his penalties. His dedication and the quality of his play is definitely superior.

3)Facundo Pieres

He started the Triple Crown playing as a Back, a new position for him in the Argentine high-goal. He was a great force in his team, performing outstanding plays, particularly in the finals of Hurlingham and Palermo. It was thanks to his runs that Ellerstina threatened La Dolfina’s title at Palermo. He led Ellerstina to all three finals and showed his talent in the way he settled into his new position.

2) Adolfo Cambaiso

What more can be said about Cambiaso? Over the last few years he has modified his style of play so as to fit into the structure of the team. But in 2015 Cambiaso was critical in the defining moments of play. He was always there, such as when he scored a sixty to win the final of Hurlingham after having missed many penalties during the match. Or when in Palermo, especially against Alegría and Ellerstina, his team needed his goals. This year not only marked his 12th Palermo title, but also La Dolfina’s third consecutive Triple Crown title.

1)Juan Martín Nero

An exceptional player – it would be unfair to say he is just a Back. He is an all-rounder who defends, marks and is forceful in attack too. It is not a coincidence that his mare was named Best Playing Pony of the Season (Oli Chicha), and that he scored the best goal of the Palermo final. His polo gets better every year; he is what is known as a �complete’ player, and plays more than 10 goals, despite the fact that he was put down to 9 in England.


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