8 Things Only Polo Players Will Understand

These 8 things define life’s little pleasures… and little frustrations for polo players.

Polo Slang
We all have those friends who only know polo exists because of us. Now this means when you’re referring to anything that has to do with the equestrian lifestyle, you can’t use any sort of slang. When they ask us to go out we want to say something as simple as “I can’t, I have to get new wraps for Lucky”, but that turns into “I can’t, I have to get new wraps for Lucky”, “because he needs new ones.” “No they’re protective bandages for his legs” “No one hurt him.” “Because he’s a polo pony” so instead, we just say we’re sick.


A clean horse and clean tack
After giving your horse a bath and cleaning all of the tack, you feel like you just got your car detailed. The satisfaction of gleaming tack and a glowing horse is joyous.


Breaking in new boots
When it’s time for a new pair of riding boots, you have to break them in. This process is timely, uncomfortable, and means no taking them off under any circumstances. You are not giving up until your precious new boots are perfectly form fit to your foot. Once the breaking in of the boots is complete, it gives you a weird sense of accomplishment and it’s awesome.


Sleeping in the day after a horse show
This is bliss. Nothing compares to sleeping in the day after returning home from a long, exhausting, sweaty, caffeine fueled, horse show.


The welcoming “smile” you get, every time you see your horse
Others may say “horses can’t smile” but we see it. They’re tails get bushy and the biggest smile lights up their face. The bond between human and horse is irreplaceable.


Making a freshly bedded stall
The process is probably not going to be the best part of anyone’s day but as soon as you see your horse laying down comfortably and happy, it’s like you just tucked your child into bed.


Shopping for new gear
This is one of the most gratifying activities for any polo player. There are always new styles out so you try on EVERYTHING and it’s all so white and in perfect condition! After it’s bought, you’re just waiting for the perfect chance to wear it.


Letting go
We all have our favorite riding boots, and when it comes to the point where we absolutely have to get rid of them because of how beat up they are….well…that is a sad, sad day.


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