An Anglo-Argentine Partnership

La-Aguada-1The Jaegar-LeCoultre La Aguada Cowdray Park Trophy

This exciting 14-16 goal competition, played at La Aguada Polo Club in Open Door, marks the strong partnership between La Aguada Polo Club and Cowdray Park Polo Club, one of the most renowned polo clubs in England and Europe. With six teams competing for the trophy the tournament was made up of Cowdray regulars and was an exciting exhibition of medium goal polo.

After many delays due to heavy rain, the Final of the Jaegar-LeCoultre La Aguada Cowdray Park Trophy finally took place on Thursday 3 December between Witley Farm and Indubitable. An even first half saw both teams fighting hard but in the fourth chukka 10-goaler Miguel Novillo Astrada’s efforts proved to be too much for the Indubitable side who were down to 4-6 by the end of the fourth chukka. Two more goals from Witley Farm meant that even a last minute goal from Indubitable was not enough to overcome them and the match ended 8-5 to Witley Farm.

Participating Teams:

League A:
Jaegar LeCoultre (16): Clare Milford Haven (0), Manuel Novillo Astrada (0), Eduardo Novillo Astrada Jr. (9), Luke Tomlinson (7)
Cowdray Vikings (16): Lila Pearson (0), Will C.P. Beck (0), Ignacio Novillo Astrada (9), & Gastón Lauhlé (7)
Nirvana (16): Nicky Anderson (0), Francisco McLaughlin (4), Manuel Toccalino (6), & Francisco O’Dwyer (6)
League B:
Witley Farm (16): Martin Brown (1), Andrew R.H. Beck (0), Miguel Novillo Astrada (10), & Juan Bollini Jr. (3)
Indubitable (14): Christian Badenhop (2), Luca Zindel (0), Alejandro Novillo Astrada (8), & Guillermo MacLaughlin (4)
Conosco (15): Jeremy Pemberton (0), Juan Pedro Harriet (4), Juan Carlos Harriet (5), & Guy Gibrat (6)

Photograph: Clare Milford Haven and Luke Tomlinson representing England at La Aguada. By Matias Callejo

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