MansourRestoration Hardware and big Ben Solemoni came back to defend there 2014Gold Cup and did just that roaring through 8 teams and getting it done Sunday to hold the cup again in 2015. Well done RH.

Down in Palm Beach it was Jessie Bray and Travesio flogging Jason Crowder and Flex Jet in the finals of the North America 20 goal finals and Jessie was also MVP of the finals he was playing with JJ Celius , Facundo Obergon and Tony Kaihlie and Jason was with Nick Roldan, Melisia Ganzi and Juan Boleni Well done Ca. boys getting to the finals and a big one for Jessie .

Today it is a chance for another West Coast big one as Julian Mannix goes for the Finals of The Pilar Cup down in BA so might have two yanks on trophy table in Argentina Julian is playing with Clemente Zavaleta Junior that is . Have not heard who won the Women’s Open yet but think it was played yesterday in Houston if it did not rain .
see ya


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