Camara Semi Finals in Palermo

Camara-semisEl Remanso Through to the Final of The Camara de Diputados Cup

It was a much quieter, post-Open Palermo, filled with only the most committed polo fans, that witnessed the Semi Finals of The Camara de Diputados Cup on Sunday 3 December. However, those in the audience were in for a real treat from the two matches taking place there.

The first match, between La Quinta and Miramar, took play down to the wire into an extra chukka as the Tomlinsons’ team made a staggering comeback, having dominated the first chukka only to go down 5-9 in the fourth. Bringing the game back from the brink led to the intense seventh chukka, which ended 10-10 and resulted in an eighth decider chukka. Luck was not favouring the Brits as a couple of La Quinta misses gave Miramar the chance to score, thereby ending the game in their favour, 11-10.

The second match between El Remanso and La Esquina was not quite as nail-biting, but did end with only a single goal difference, at 13-12 in favour of El Remanso. Fighting all the way through, neither team relaxed at any point, but it was worth it for the win and Brit Matt Perry, number one for El Remanso (replacing an injured Charlie Hanbury) goes through to his first ever Camara Final, a huge achievement for any young player.

So it won’t be the Brit on Brit Final that supporters at home were hoping for, but Wednesday 16 December’s Final with Miramar will be a fantastic match none the less.

Photograph: Flat out, Matt Perry puts pressure on Lucas James of La Esquina. By Katie Vickery

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