Chantilly Open de France Polo is well underway

TomlinsonBrits abroad in both Open De France tournaments

The tournament is set to run from 5 – 20 September and features Beaufort Polo Club’s Luke Tomlinson in the Ghantoot Racing Polo Club team. In the opening match of the tournament, on Saturday 5 September, Tomlinson’s team was defeated by Golden Goose Deluxe Brand, with a score of 9-8. On Wednesday 9 September his team defeated Marquard Media, the only team to have done so in the tournament so far, with a final score of 8-7 before going on to also defeat Saint-Mesme II, 9-8.

Marquard Media takes the lead, at this stage of the tournament, with 6 points, and a goal advantage of +5. Saint-Mesme II and Golden Goose Deluxe Brand have also completed all four of their league games. Both teams have 2 points each, however Tom Tailor Polo Team, Saint-Mesme I and Ghantoot Racing Polo Club all have 4 points with one more game to play. Saint-Mesme I remain in the strongest position with 4 point and a goal advantage of +3. They only need to win their next match by 3 goals to take the lead in this three-week tournament.

The Open De France Femenin 8-12 goal tournament is also scheduled to start on Tuesday 15 September. British lady players Lucy Taylor, Emma Boers, Lottie Lamacraft and Charlene Goudkuil are also playing in the tournament. Tom Tailor Polo Team, featuring Goudkuil and Taylor, will play Esprit De Maryland In The Wings on Tuesday 15 September. Lowell, featuring Boers and Lamacraft, will play Esprit De Maryland In The Wings on Wednesday 16 September and on Thursday 17 September Tom Tailor Polo Team will play Lowell.

Photograph: Ghantoot Racing Polo Club in action against Saint-Mesme I. By ©RBpresse/P.Renauldon

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