Chantilly Open de France Polo

chanA thrilling start

Flying start for the Open de France of Polo with four exciting games last weekend at the Polo Club of Chantilly. Meetings with an uncertain outcome up until the end.

Difficult to establish a hierarchy after that first burst of meetings that no team has really dominated. However, this has resulted in beautiful games like the opening one that pitted GOLDEN GOOSE DELUXE BRAND with the brilliant Argentine Juan Ambroggio to face the Emirates team, GHANTOOT RACING POLO CLUB, carried by the British and European No. 1, Luke Tomlinson. The latter was defeated by the smallest possible gap of a goal (8 to 9).

The next day, GOLDEN GOOSE DELUXE BRAND scored 9 goals again against the German training TOM TAILOR… but in turn losing from a small goal!

The biggest gap of the day was to the advantage of the Deauville Gold Cup finalists, MARQUARD MEDIA, whose pillar Martin Aguerre was particularly offensive and inspired. The team of Swiss Tommy Rinderknecht has defeated the defending champion and winner of the Open du Soleil of Saint-Tropez last week, LA QUINTA (10-8).

Same way, but with fewer goals (7/5) for the SAINTE MESME I derby with a special mention to the French players in the team 1 who beat the ones of team 2. Indeed, there is only one Argentine player, Mariano Uranga, in SAINTE MESME II. The three handicaps 5 and French No.1, Brieuc Rigaux and Clément Delfosse on one side (the winners) and Pierre Henri Ngoumou on the other side, are divided into the two formations of the western Paris.

In short, this Open de France get off to a good start in term of suspense and the meetings continue throughout this week with, in particular, a beautiful day on Friday with three games including a promising “Germany-Switzerland”, TOM TAILOR – MARQUARD MEDIA, all two unbeaten this weekend. No games for the Open de France on Saturday (but other tournaments are scheduled, especially the Coupe Castel) and three new meetings on Sunday for a nice family outing in the beautiful setting of the Ferme d’Apremont.


Photo: Martin Aguerre who was particularly inspired during the RICHARD MILLE 25 goals exhibition game facing handicap 10 Pablo McDonough, led MARQUARD MEDIA to victory in his first outing in the Open de France 2015 (© R&B Presse)

Tuesday, September 8: Victory of Saint Mesme II… a tough battle

Heated game yesterday at the Polo Club of Chantilly for the third day of the Open de France between the defending champion, La Quinta (Chantilly) and Sainte Mesme II. A duel between French No.1 Pierre Henri Ngoumou (on the left) and Argentine Dario Musso.

Ngoumou made a smashing start of the match by scoring the first three goals of the meeting confirming the biggest impression he had left during the 25 goals exhibition game last Saturday alongside five-time Argentina Champion and handicap 10, Pablo McDonough.

After these first three goals conceded, La Quinta pulled herself together, thanks to an incisive Ernesto Trotz, but never get to dominate Sainte Mesme. Thus, the two teams are tied inflows (7/7) in the final period. Suspense of a final! And it was Pierre Henri Ngoumou that would score the winning goal. Then it was up to the French youth of Sainte Mesme, supported by the experience of the Argentine Mariano Uranga (h6), to resist the attacks of La Quinta: a lot of galloping, rough markings, cries and yellow card … but Sainte Mesme held on!

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