England’s first ever 10 goal Women’s handicap announced

NINAOver 700 lady players’ handicaps have been reviewed alongside mixed handicaps

Following the No. 2 Handicap Committee meeting held on Tuesday 8 September, the HPA have announced the proposed handicap changes. To view the current amalgamated list of all end-of-season handicap changes from the handicap meetings held on Wednesday 5 August (High Goal and Victor Ludorum Players – ex 6 goals) and Tuesday 8 September (the remainder), please click here. A staggering number of -1 players have risen to 0 goals this season, with over 60 players moved up, whilst nearly 90 players previously rated as -2 have gone to -1.

The Ladies’ Handicap Committee, consisting of Tamara Fox, Tim Kyte, Chris Bethell and Nina Clarkin, have also reviewed over 700 lady players following the inception of the Ladies’ Handicap System announced earlier this year. Nina Clarkin has been rated as the first 10 goal lady player in the UK handicap system. Lia Salvo has been moved from 9 to 8 goals, whilst committee member Tamara Fox has risen from 6 to 7. Many players have remained on their originally listed handicaps, whilst notable players on the women’s polo circuit, such as Emma Boers, who were previously not given a handicap have this time been allocated one. For the full Ladies End-of-Season Handicap Changes, please click here.

These changes are subject to ratification by the Stewards on Tuesday 27 October and will become effective from Friday 1 January 2016.

Photograph: Nina Clarkin is proposed as 10 goals by the Women’s Handicap Committee. By Richenda Hine


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