Equine Infectious Anaemia Outbreak in Argentina

eqDisease May Affect Opening Stages of The Triple Crown

Five horses travelling to The Jockey Club de San Isidro before the Club’s famous Open tournament were found to be suffering from Equine Infectious Anaemia, also known as swamp fever.

The matches were instead played at other venues in the area, while the Jockey Club has suspended all activities at the Club as a precaution and has destroyed the infected animals. The cases seem to be isolated and under control, although the Club is still in lockdown. The Jockey Club have given no further word on the matter.

Equine Infectious Anaemia (EIA) is a disease caused by a retrovirus, and is mostly transmitted through biting flies, as it is carried through bodily fluids. It can also be transmitted through contaminated surgical equipment, however, and may be passed on between horses via saliva on bits. Symptoms include high fever, anaemia as a result of the breakdown of red blood cells, weakness, swelling of the lower abdomen and legs, weak pulse and irregular heartbeat and lethargy and weight loss in chronic cases.
Animals showing signs of the disease should be quarantined immediately and the proper authorities alerted.

Photograph: EIA can be passed on to nearby horses through fly bites.


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