eqEquus Polo and Bayswater Sapphire were the winners of today’s matches for the Silver Cup in Medium Goal played today on Los Pinos Fields at Santa María Polo Club.

Equus Polo beated Opel-Royal Salute by 11-9 while Bayswater-Sapphire defeated Kazak by a tied 11-10.

Next Wednesday, August 12, the finalists of the Silver Cup will be defined in a new day of matches.


Tomorrow, on Río Sotogrande fields, there will be new matches for the Vale cuatro Silver Cup in Low Goal.

Mahra Polo will face La Clarita on Río Sotogrande Main Field at 11:00h. El Cañal will face Valdeparras Lynx on Field II and Santa Quiteria will play against GSA at 12:15h.


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