First season ever of the Caribbean high-goal in Dominican Republic.

polochallenge2016-62-2015-12-291GPlayers and teams of each tournament have now been announced. The level of polo will be particularly high, and is scheduled to be played on the grounds at Casa de Campo Resort & Villas and Los Establos, in Cap Cana. This season will revolutionise Central American polo.

The season will kick off tomorrow, December 30 at Los Establos, in Cap Cana. The tournaments will be the following: Bronze Cup (January 7-23), Silver Cup (January 28-13 February), Gold Cup (February-19 March) and the Caribbean Open (March 24-2 April). A charity game called “Best of the Best Polo Day” will also be held, as well as a golf day with the top professionals, called “Golfing with the Pros.”

The teams are as follows:

LECHUZA: Víctor Vargas / Juan Martin Nero / José Donoso / Toto Collarden.

AGUALINDA: Juan Jauretche / David Stirling Jr. / Alfredo I. Vargas / Gastón Lisioli.

LOS ESTABLOS: Enrique Bonetti / Juan Clemente Marambio / Ignacio Toccalino / Alejandro Muzzio.

CASA DE CAMPO: Leo Matos / Ramiro Garrós / Tomás Pieres / Francisco Bensadón.

TEST DRIVE: Andrés James / Ignacio Laprida / Ignacio Novillo Astrada / TBA.

PITIRRI/POTRANCA: Rafael Pérez-Tony Rivera / Deny Santana / Lerín Zubiaurre / Rodrigo Rueda Jr.

LA CARBUCCIA: Luis A. Carbuccia / Silvestre Donovan / Tomás García del Río / Zenón Zorrilla.

SAMANES: Carlos Silva / Juan Ambroggio / Santiago Toccalino / Marcelo Frayssinet.

The Dominican Republic not only invites the best players to take part in the season, but also provides the best fields and organisations. Renown Agricultural Engineer Alejandro Battro was hired to construct two polo fields at Los Establos, Cap Cana. The Argentine is also working on the remodelling of the fields at Casa de Campo Resort & Villas in preparation for the season to come.

Battro Polo Fields have constructed over 700 polo grounds around the world; with thirty-five years of experience, they lead in their field. “;;;;;;I have been travelling to Los Establos for over two years now and we have built two fields; a third is in process,” tells Alejandro Battro on his visit to the island. “The fields had a rock foundation; a lot of excavation work was done, sand was added and grass was brought over from the US. These fields resist a lot of rain. It rained 150mm the other day and we could have easily played polo when it stopped. This is a very nice area: We are in the Caribbean, the weather is good, the fields are good and practices are already being played here. We are working with two more clubs and will continue to improving.”

Players, referees, coaches, patrons, guests and their families will be able to enjoy all the activities available at Casa de Campo Resort & Villas and Cap Cana, such as excellent golf courses, adventure parks, tennis courts, equestrian sports, excursions, fishing trips, yachting, and more. The Polo Challenge 2016 is not just a high-goal polo season, it is also an experience worth sharing.

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