The HPA Arena Polo ‘Green Book’ Is Out Now

greenThe 2015/16 UK Winter Arena Season Polo ‘bible’ Released

Following the rebranding of the HPA Blue Book earlier this year as the HPA’s publishers the team at The Polo Magazine and Polo Times HQ have been working hard this Autumn to produce the new-look Arena Polo Year Book 2015/16.

Inside the glossy green cover you will find all the new arena Club listings, rules, regulations and contacts, as well as details about committee members, handicaps and memberships for the next chapter in the UK polo season.

The book also includes the complete HPA affiliated club fixtures list so you can start planning your Winter tournament schedule. The team have also carefully selected advertisers to help you with your polo season, with everything from team kit to fencing. They include Akuma Polo, Duralock, Far & Ride, Jumping Jack Flash, Kestrel Contractors, Martin Collins, Polo Permits, Polo Splice, Richmonds Horse Transport, SATS, Tristar Horseboxes, Willoughby Park Polo Gear and Yard & Groom, to aid and abet you in all your Winter season needs.
Fully paid-up HPA arena members can look forward to receiving their books in the post soon.

Photograph: The new look Green Book will be on its way to you soon.

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