Inaugural Auction for Lovelocks Polo Stud

LovelocksRemate Season Continues in Argentina

Despite being delayed due to heavy rain, the first ever Lovelocks Polo Stud Auction took place on the evening of Tuesday 10 November at La Indiana Polo Club in Pilar, Argentina.

It was a first for the Hanbury family, owners of the Lovelocks breeding programme, and the auction was a success with a high percentage of lots sold and a good turnout of bidders, despite a tough year for the industry.
The Lovelocks bloodlines are varied, with some of Argentina’s top mares covered by the Lovelocks exclusive stallions Open El Padrino, Atlantic, Nutbush, Christian and Botox, themselves boasting links to many famous pedigrees.
The highest selling lot of the day was Lot 13, Lovelocks Journalist, who was bought for US$55,000 by La Esmaralda. The next highest Lot, Lovelocks Money Penny, was bought by Thai Polo for US$52,000. Another well-known buyer was La Dolfina, who purchased several lots at prices ranging from US$20,000 to US$45,000, including Lovelocks Cat Woman, Lovelocks Marlboro and Lovelocks Camusericht. Other big buyers included Ruso Heguy, Pelon Stirling and La Aguada. Although six lots remained unsold, the majority went at the cut off price of US$20,000.
With USD$1 currently equalling AU$1.42, the top lot at Lovelocks falls just short of the top lot at the Ellerston reduction sale last month, Baby, who sold for AU$82,000 to English pro Max Charlton.
To view the full catalogue click here. The auctions continue without pause as next up is La Dolfina with their remate on Wednesday 11 November.

Photograph: Lovelocks Polo Stud auction was concluded on Tuesday 10 November. By ©

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