pelon-triple-triples-1David Stirling (h) the best polo player in Uruguayan history, current three-time Triple Crown Argentina, one of the best in the world gave us an exclusive interview where he tells his experiences around the most beautiful of all sports.

Photo credit: Pablo Ramirez

PN: What was your first thought when the bell rang at the end of Palermo?

DS: And the fact that the first thing I thought when I looked at the board, which already came relojeando while just saw Adolfito sent the throw in and were 5 or 6 seconds thought ejection, I restrained myself and went to greet rivals. Very pleased, half lost, because in those moments tas not fall, but a relief, and winning is always a team like the Dolfina, it means you did your job and such a relief well.

PN: We are writing to your past, how and when your life tied to the pole start?

DS: With family, coming from the grandfather, who had 10 goals here in Uruguay, then crossed dad had 6 or 7 goals, which is the polo played and made their way of life. The truth that the mother played in the two go to Spain at that time were born Titi and then continued, I started playing polo half later, at the age of 13 or 14 years because my friends in Spain did not play none so I would rather play football. Then I went to study in England, as at 14, I made my last three years of college there, played only on vacation. I followed in England by the university, and that strong ripped.

PN: How do you get along with horse breeding?

DS: And very well, is what we bet, really what I like about this sport are horses, is what we have been betting long since pulled the mares that I bought out, provided the good good to me I have kept. Whenever I buy a good horse, the intention is to bring to Argentina to make a good breeding. I think we have been making, I have a great working group Justo, with Jejo now entered Gaston Lablet is an Argentine boy who we have been helping a lot too, plus all the other workers and grooms, there is already a group of 25 people. So it’s a big company, in which the other day we had, there are more than 420 horses, the biggest is 6 and appearing well come. Of which 4 mejorcitas me wear now to play outside, last year started to appear at auction, Adolfito invited us to his shot, so we are privileged to be able to wear a pair of fillies East is our breeding, the auction of Adolfito, and the truth was a success because it sold very well. We also carry other 2 auction also made great prices, so we have been very well designed, and people in Argentina and knows very well what is the Oriental breeding, and we are on track to achieve beautiful and important things. That is what you are going to spend when he retires from playing the sport.

PN: How do you see the pole in Uruguay?

DS: The pole in Uruguay see it better, growing, excited people, see what a penalty charge of the German Association eager, enthusiastically. Where I see that there are players who have gone to play outside and have brought their expertise to organize tournaments, to organize a field, much it has been professionalized. You see a Mimo Boismenu that Belgium was in charge of a club there, you see who brought their ideas, those here have been learning a lot from Jejo, me, Santi. Mauri Sanchez has gone to play outside and brought their experiences. When you go out and see interesting things, you have to learn and has to return to Uruguay and make the most wordy, more professional things. So it seems that comes in handy, I come out of a clinic with 60 guys, I think there has never been in Uruguay, or since I can remember I have never seen so much boy playing together. Out like crazy, you see them walking with taquitos for all sides. The parents put their win, so you have to thank them also. The most fun is that they are people all over the country. For example peach, as I said the other day at the clinic, is a place I never knew such had pole, I knew that there were some soldiers who played but little. And today is where there are more boys in all Uruguay. For example also of Young, of Montevideo, of Jacksonville, which I think are doing a job Apa barbarian and its people in the club, you see that he has grown a lot, there are many new players.
They are on the right track. There is the possibility of going to do some international match with Uruguay, we have the chance, this year I said no to the English, but to go play the Coronation Cup, which team level is the most important cup that may be, with 15,000 people, the Queen delivers you drink, I think it would be very good for Uruguay. Also some invitations to play with the national team to Argentina, New Zealand, then I see very well, there are many things to improve but people are excited, and when people feel like working and they leave things out.

PN: What advice would you give to any young person who wants to go far in this sport?

DS: That’s a good person first. That does well in school who always helps the old are happy after one and then make the effort to bring them to play a tournament to Argentina for example. You mess, being organized many tournaments in different parts of the country.
As LOT for example, the last clinic were four Uruguayans to play Argentina, for they think it was something unique, played practice Adolfito son, my daughter guys, Lucas Monteverde, son Matthias Magrini, all players go Potrillos today and walk to winning tournaments and will be the future 10 goals for Argentina. So I think we have this big chance, thank God, to be stuck with the Dolfina, the boys go and slowly go different guys going to play good polo with there.

PN: How to follow your annual calendar from next year?

Now I start 27 December to Dominican Republic was going to play in Palm Beach with Victor Vargas in Lechuza Caracas, and Victor ended up not going to the United States and leads us all to the Dominican, where he bought a place and is putting together a tournament 8 teams of 22 goals. So very happy, a new place that is always good to know places, I have spoken wonders of Cafkana, Country House, which is where we will go, so eager for the family will be like vacation, many beach and you take that pressure of Palm Beach that comes in handy from time to time.

PN: What do you do in your spare time?

DS: I try to enjoy the family, it gives me a lot of time for me, I endure throughout the year, follow me wherever I go. I love watching sports, I am a football fan, I like to enjoy a mate, with people I enjoy a barbecue with people I enjoy. Enjoy my horses when I go to the field, come to spend four days, and see the breeding, as is growing, we still see agrandándonos on track, makes me very happy.

PN: How many people you get along with the seasons outside you consider essential?

DS: With me always rides the pony Alejandro Menchón, who is my trainer, Germán Calmine is my vet, when I enter a team come together with me, are people of great confidence, I also have fun, which is very important when you’re out having people around who knows you, who amuse you with them. After I always carry 4 or 5 grooms, which are working the same 10, 7 and 5 years, I’ve been lucky with the people I chose, I’ve done pretty well. Obviously I accompanies me is my family. And I always carry one or two pilots, while I come now being Fatigue we tell us that is Joaquín Jude, the truth is giving us a big hand and it seems a really nice guy. Where is the pilot mine in England, he is now in Palm Beach who went with Jejo. He puts great gusto and is a great guy and nothing is to be a good person.

PN: What do you think POLONEWS?

DS: And the truth, I always said, is impressive. Are PoloLine of Uruguay, I think it’s very important to have people plugged with the pole, then you are part of all this excitement it is in the Uruguayan pole. It seems very important to continue to grow, continue to rapidly update tournaments, you see people getting into and to be fun. I think they are doing a very good job, I congratulate you and I hope to go ahead and ask what they need to try to help them.


A band? You will not like it
Another sport? Football
A horse? Daisy
A fall? I have had many falls, but the strongest was when I broke my tibia and fibula at 16 Jejo following him in a practice in Sotogrande, by going too hard, I broke ugly.
Penarol and Nacional? Does not enter the equation, National
The tacos buy them or you give them? I buy them, really have a great friendship with Hector Zappala, we have a privilege that the guy who comes to the Dolfina, eat a roast, reeds brings me to try, is a great friend.

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