La Dolfina decimates Chapaleufú 20-6 in Tortugas Open match

2015_Tortugas_Open-Nachi_Heguy_and_Adolfo_CambiasoBy Alex Webbe

The 2014 defending Tortugas Open champion La Dolfina (Adolfo Cambiaso, Pelon Stirling, Pablo MacDonough and Juan Martin Nero) scored four unanswered goals in the opening chukker of their first Tortugas Open match Monday afternoon (rain postponed their scheduled Saturday meeting) as they crushed Chapaleufú (Pepe Heguy, Nachi Heguy, Bautista Heguy and Eduardo Heguy) in a 20-6 goalfest managed to put the brakes on the 40-goal La Dolfina offense in second period action, but could do little offensively themselves. The chukker ended without a goal being scored and La Dolfina maintained their four goal lead, 4-0.

La Dolfina added three more goals in third chukker action as Chapaleufú managed to eke out a single score. After three periods of play La Dolfina was comfortably in control, 7-1.

Chapaleufú fought back in the fourth chukker, scoring twice but La Dolfina continued to roll. Three more goals had them in front by seven, 10-3, as Chapaleufú struggled to slow down the La Dolfina machine.

La Dolfina owned the pitch in the fifth as they scored at will. Four more goals went up on the scoreboard for Adolfo Cambiaso and company while the Heguys were held scoreless for the third time. With two chukker left in regulation time, La Dolfina was sitting on top of an 11 goal lead, 14-3.

Chapaleufú fared not much better in the sixth period as the four 10-goalers showed little rust after missing the Jockey Club Open. Four more La Dolfina goals left Chapaleufú in the dust, scoring only a token goal and trailing, 18-4.

With Ellerstina coasting through the final seven-and-one-half minutes of play, the two teams traded goals, with each side picking up a pair in the 20-6 one-sided La Dolfina victory.

Adolfo Cambiaso led all scoring with eleven goals (two on penalty conversions). Juan Martin Nero added four goals; Pablo MacDonough scored three times and Pelon Stirling was credited with a pair of goals in the win. Eduardo Heguy scored tw2o of his team-high three goals on penalty shots. Bautista Heguy added two goals and Nachi Heguy converted a penalty shot for a single goal.

The preliminary rounds of play in the 2015 Tortugas Open are scheduled for this weekend with La Dolfina meeting Alegria (Magoo Laprida, Hilario Ulloa, Lucas Monteverde and Fred Mannix) on Saturday at while Ellerstina will battle La Aguada (Agustín Merlos, Guillermo Terrera, Sapo Caset and Ignacio Novillo Astrada) on Sunday afternoon. Both games are scheduled to be played at 4pm. The two teams emerging from weekend play with the best records will play for the Tortugas Open title on Saturday, October 17th.

(Photo courtesy of the AAP and Matías Callejo)—in-tortugas-Open-play-Monday-afternoon

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