lamarianaking-scup-77-2015-11-101GThe first edition of the King’s Cup will be played at La Mariana Polo Club from November 24 – December 8. Sebastian, Pite and Agustin Merlos, their respective sons, as well as other important players will take part in the tournament

“We organised the tournament because it promises a more generous involvement for patrons, but also because many people asked us for a tournament like this,” Agustin Merlos tells PoloLine. “Our club has many members who are enjoying the activities; there are also several guests who have come from abroad and they propose ideas. This was one of the ideas that came up. Several teams have already signed up; we hope to attract six to eight teams, that way the tournament can be carried out properly.”

The King’s Cup will be played on the club’s three grounds in General Rodriguez; tournament dates will be sufficiently flexible and respect those who cannot stay until the end. “The idea is to respect those players who have already scheduled their departure; we want them to take a trophy from the final they get to play,” explains Agustin. “Three finals will be played, so that everyone can participate. There will be a prize giving ceremony. If a team has to leave before, we will be flexible and respect that.”

To conclude, Agustin shares what La Mariana means to his family: “La Mariana is the result of all our efforts. My parents started it in Trenque Lauquen. It’s the beginning of who we are as a family, and our polo careers as well. La Mariana is our special place.”

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