Mahi-Mahi Victorious In 4th Malaysian Ladies' Polo Championships

ladiesBritain’s Sarah Wiseman Named Most Valuable Player

The Malaysian Ladies’ Polo Championships 2015 came to an end on Saturday 10 October with a win for the Mahi-Mahi team in the Final against Headhunters.

The Mahi-Mahi team saw a successful tournament throughout the championships with an undeniably strong team headed by English 7 goaler, Sarah Wiseman. Having finished their first match with a dominating win over La Familia, 6-2½, they followed it up with a close victory against Windhorse, where a single goal put them ahead of the opposing team, which featured American 9 goaler Sunny Hale.
However, in the best match of the tournament, Mahi-Mahi came face to face with Headhunters in the Final for the Jaeger-LeCoultre Cup, and a hard fought match saw Mahi-Mahi draw ahead by only 1½ goals to take the title, 6-4½. Headhunters, despite having the lowest combined handicap, had made a clean sweep of the other teams in the competition prior to the Final, beating Windhorse and La Familia 5½-4 and 7-2 respectively. However, ultimately they couldn’t keep up with Mahi-Mahi as the more experienced team applied pressure.
Ploy Bhinsaeng was named Most Valuable Patron and Sarah Wiseman Most Valuable Player, while Best Playing Pony went to Don Pedro, owned by Hennie Coenraad and played by Sarah Wiseman. The Mahi-Mahi team of Sarah Wiseman, Abigail Slater, Chloe Kiely and Daryl Yeap, with reserve Lorna Dodd, won a well-deserved holiday, as well as watch vouchers for Jaeger-LeCoultre amongst other prizes. Headhunters were very happy with their runner-up prizes, which included an iPhone 6 each, as well as more Jaeger-LeCoultre goodies.
To see full teams, scores and results, click here.

Photograph: Winning team, Mahi-Mahi, in their distinctive blue shirts. Courtesy of Emma Boers

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